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Over 2,566 pages, over 178 MB of data
of reference files and manuals specifically
for your Cessna 150 or 152, just $20!

(Twenty bucks wouldn't even start to pay the postage if you ordered these on paper!)

"An informed pilot is a safe pilot." (And one who will save a PILE of money, too!)

C150 specific:

Cessna 150 checklist, generic (Kansas City Aero Club), you edit, 33.9 K, 6 pages

1964 Cessna 150 POH, 143 K, 23 pages

1972 Cessna 150L POH (Aviatickyklub.cz, in English), 5.58 MB, 70 pages

Cessna 150 parts book, 1963 - 1969, 40.9 MB, 486 pages

Cessna 150 parts book, 1970 - 1977, 40.1 MB, 500 pages (also useful for 152, but not a primary reference)

Cessna 100 series (150 - 185) service manual, pre-1963, 42 MB, 509 pages

Cessna 150 service manual, 1969 through 1976, 31.2 MB, 358 pages

(The 1963 through 1968 service manual isn't available yet, but using the combination of the earlier and later manuals will point you in the right direction. These are NOT a primary reference for the 1963 through 1968 airplanes.)

Continental O-200 parts manual, 4/79, 1.75 MB, 56 pages

Continental O-200 service manual, 1980, 6 MB, 121 pages

Continental SB-97-6, list of parts which must be replaced to qualify as a major overhaul, 140 K, 2 pages

MSB94 (Magneto timing information chart), 51.3 K, 6 pages

C152 specific:

Cessna 152 checklist, generic (KCAero), you edit, 33.8 K, 6 pages

1979 Cessna 152 POH, 50 pages, abridged (KCAero), 792 K, 50 pages

(Note that later 152 POHs are serialized to the individual airframe and there is no legal "off the shelf" substitute.)

(The 152 parts and service manuals are copyrighted by Cessna. The earlier parts and service manuals are only a rough guide to the later aircraft and are NOT to be used as a primary reference.)

Lycoming O-235 through O-360 service manual, 12/74, 12.3 MB, 164 pages

Lycoming O-235 parts manual 2/81, 1.94 MB, 81 pages

Lycoming Service Letter SL-114AR, list of factory manuals as of 2/09, 241 K, 12 pages

C150 and C152 items:

Marvel Schebler MA3 & MA4 carburetor service manual, 1 MB, 16 pages

Marvel Schebler MA3 & MA4 "how it works", 136 K, 4 pages

Marvel Schebler / Facet cross reference which carb on which engine? 39.5 K, 5 pages

How to refurbish nasty, peeling control yokes, 15.5 K, 2 pages

FAA items:

Cessna 150/152 FAA Type Certificate #3A19, 67.4 K, 19 pages

FAA change of address form, 58.9 K, 1 page

FAA aircraft bill of sale form, 419 K, 3 pages

FAA 8050-98 form, recordation of aircraft lien, 62.6 K, 3 pages

Free extra #1: If you're in a REAL hurry, here's the POH for the Apollo/Saturn 5 combination that took us to the moon. (Probably not a good idea to try this at home.) From NASA historical files, this is the real McCoy. 11.4 MB, 216 pages. File size and page count is NOT part of the 2,566 pages and 178+ MB above, it is additional!

These are pdf files and can be read with Adobe reader or with Foxit reader.

Free extra #2: A copy of Foxit reader is also included on this disc, no extra charge, size not included in the 178 MB, it is additional. Foxit replaces Adobe, it works better, it works faster, has no monster update files and takes much less disk space. And by the way, did I mention it is free? You can get updates (also free) at www.Foxitsoftware.com.

NOTICE: The files on this CD are for secondary reference only! FAA regulations absolutely state that it is the responsibility of the aircraft owner and/or pilot, or mechanic and/or inspector to use only the most current primary reference materials available. THESE ARE NOT REPRESENTED AS SUCH AND CANNOT REPLACE THE REQUIRED MOST CURRENT PRIMARY REFERENCE MATERIALS. They may be incomplete, abridged, edited or superseded, but they are nevertheless extremely useful.

By using these files, you acknowledge the above, and agree that the provider(s) of any of this material will not be liable in any way for consequences of its use.

I have collected these files over the years, some may be available on the internet, some are not. This collection is for your convenience. You are not buying the information, what you are paying for is having someone (me) prowl around the internet (actually, these files were accumulated over a period of five years), find, evaluate and copy them to one central repository and then burn them to CD for distribution.

Note that this item is exchange only. If the disc is defective, it will be replaced for free, there are no refunds on electronic media.

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