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How to order your copies of

Owning, Buying or Flying the Cessna 150/152


The 150 / 152 Reference Data CD


Mastering the E-6B Flight Computer book


The Cheapskate's Guide to Getting Your Pilot's License

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If you are in the USA:

Priority mail takes about three days, one book costs $24.95 plus $8.50 postage, total $33.45. Note that up to FOUR items, books, CDs or mixed, will go into the Priority Mail envelope at no additional postage!

Media mail takes two to three weeks, one book costs $24.95 plus $4.00 postage, total $28.95. If you order more than one single item (one book or one CD), Priority Mail is cheaper and faster.

(Note that postage rates increase slightly every January.)

Checks OK, or Money Orders, Paypal, cash if you are brave (at your own risk).

If you are in Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia:

Payment is by Paypal (charges will be in USD) and US currency also accepted. Please do not send a USD check drawn on a non-US bank as it costs us $18.00 to negotiate it.

Shipment for up to three items by Global Priority Mail is $32.95, takes about a week. Shipment by regular airmail is no longer cost effective, so GPM really makes the most sense.

If you are anywhere else, contact us! Global Priority Mail now varies by country, runs about $32.95. Tell us where you are and we'll advise the postage.

Payment should be by Postal Money order in USD, Paypal (if available, charges will be in USD). USD denominated bank checks are OK as long as they are payable through a US bank. Japanese postal money orders in USD are also OK. (And of course, US currency is always accepted.)

Global Priority Mail now goes to Canada and Mexico, Austria, Brazil (partial), Caribbean countries (many), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, India (partial), Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico (partial), New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, S. Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam (do they have Cessna 150s in Vietnam?). We have to look up the postage by country, it varies.

Areas served by Global Priority Mail are being expanded, so if you don't see your country, ask!

Notes to everyone, everywhere:

If you need more than one item, postage can be combined. For USA orders shipped Priority Mail, three items can go for the same flat rate Priority Mail postage, and for Global Priority Mail to other places in the world, three items can go for the same flat rate, so here's a good excuse to get one for yourself and one to give as a gift!

The 150/152 Data CD ships with no extra postage with any order sent by Priority Mail. If you are ordering ONLY the 150/152 Data CD, postage (USA only) is $4.00 for First Class mail.

If you want a personalized (with your name or N number in it) or an autographed copy (to give as a gift) signed by the author at no extra charge, add your request to the "Special Instructions" line on the order blank. Please print clearly, since I only get one chance to get this right! Please note that personalized copies cannot be returned for credit or refund (for obvious reasons).

If you don't want to use the shopping cart, to order by mail (paying by check or cash), here is the order form.

If you want to order on-line, click here to use the shopping cart.

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Privacy policy: We tell nothing to anyone. This transaction is strictly between you and us, and is none of anyone else's business, period. and we will not spam you if you happen to order or correspond with us by e-mail. Anything you may tell us is private. We absolutely do not telemarket, and any telephone or e-mail information you may tell us is used only in the event there is a problem filling your order.

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